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100R - January 31
The deadline for solid waste management districts to submit the 100R report (Form 100-R, Report of Names and Compensation of Officers and Employees) on Gateway to the SBOA is January 31st.

SB131 - March 1
The deadline for solid waste management districts to submit the SB 131 report on the Gateway to the DLGF is March 1.

Annual Financial Report (AFR) - March 1 or February 29th in a leap year
The deadline for solid waste management districts to submit the Annual Report on the Gateway to SBOA is March 1. [ IC 5-3-1-3 (a) ]

Debt Management Report - March 1
Last day to file Debt Management Report on the Gateway to DLGF is March 1. (Only applies to a SWMD that has a Debt Management fund) Annual Affirmation Required

Monthly And Annual Engagement Uploads

Monthly (15th two months after): Bank Reconciliation Statement, Any Board meeting minutes approved in the month (i.e., approved in January must be uploaded by March 15th), Funds Ledger (Financial Statement)

Annual Report (March 1): Year-end bank statement, Year-end outstanding check list, Year-end investment statements, Detail of receipts for the year, Detail of disbursements for the year, Current year salary ordinance, Annual employee earnings record, Annual vendor history report

Other Post-Employment Benefits (“OPEB”) – March 1
Report to the DLGF through Gateway. The definition of OPEB includes healthcare and other nonpension benefits provided to employees. Benefits required include medical, prescription drug, dental, vision, hearing, life insurance, long-term care benefits, and long-term disability benefits (not covered under a pension plan) that are provided after employment ends. Note that all political subdivisions must report, even if the unit does not offer OPEB.

Annual Budgets
DLGF sets the dates for the Annual Budget process the first week in May each year. The DLGF Budget calendar can be accessed on their website at The Pre-budget worksheet will be due April 30th.

Economic Development Reporting – September 30
Any political subdivision receiving an economic development payment must submit a report to the DLGF annually.

Indiana Code 5-14-3.8-3.5 requires each political subdivision to scan and upload to Gateway the digital image of a contract (all of its pages and any attachments) during each year that the contract amount to be paid by the political subdivision for that year exceeds the lesser of:

(1) 10% of the political subdivision’s property tax levy for that year; or

(2) $50,000.

This must occur not later than 60 days after the date the contract is executed. The contract as uploaded should reflect the original contract as signed, including the signatures and date or dates of signing.


Re-Trac/IDEM Recycling Activity Report (HEA 1183) - March 1
Use your IDEM Re-Trac login for this report.
This is a mandatory IDEM Recycling Activity Report, per HEA 1183, for all Districts that collect recyclables or contract to have recyclables collected. Recycling activity for the previous year is due by March 1st. Districts have the option to enter information quarterly or annually but all recycling data is due by March 1st of the following year.

IDEM Electronic Recycling annual Report and E-Cycle Collector/Recycler Registration - March 1
I Can be found under IDEM Re-Trac.


Certification of Employee Names and Addresses

Each District must send an employee list to their county treasurer before June 1 and December 1 each year for verification against the delinquent property tax roll.

Publication Of Annual Report Of Certain Political Subdivisions

Applies to a District that has an annual budget of at least three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000). Not later than sixty (60) days after the expiration of each calendar year, a District shall publish an annual report of the receipts and expenditures of the political subdivision during the preceding calendar year.


Districts must adopt an Anti-Nepotism/Conflict of Interest Resolution and each board member must annually certify in writing that he or she has not violated the resolution.

Employee Bonds

Surety bonds must be recorded annually with the county Recorder’s office.

AISWMD Re-Trac/AISWMD Data- March 1
Use your Association Re-Trac log -in. All ReTrac date must be entered into ReTrac by March 1. Thank you to the IHHWTF for their sponsorship of Re-Trac. You can click on the User Guide here.

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